Troy is a veteran of The Gulf War. At the turn of 2000 and a Youth Pastor Ordination, he founded a charity that supported humanitarian aid and his missionary endeavors in 18 countries. Since returning to the States in 2007 he has worked behind the scenes creatively providing graphic design, marketing and branding consultation, film and printing services for several ministries and missionaries. From 2007-2011 planning, growing and then, in 2011, going full time to accomplish dream called Elyon Media, a Christian media and arts studio and academy, founded in 2012. Elyon Media is a three-fold ministry education, equipping and employing artists that want to use their media talents for the Kingdom.

Troy’s primary work in missions was pioneering uncharted new areas for evangelism and designing curriculums for summer programs and the welfare and education of children. His main posts for mission work were Russia (5 years), Japan (2.5 years), and Mexico (6 years), but he served in 18 countries during the course of that time. Now he is still serving as a missionary, from the homestead side, using his media skills to help ministries grow and reach the world with a desire to once again be a part of the field team. 

While in missions he became an online student and holds several vocational degrees from the Christian Vocational College in California. He has been a part of the Performing Arts community all over the world since 1980. His areas of expertise are directing and writing stage plays, drama presentations and dance choreography as well as the technical side of presentations. This work also applied itself to youth programs is missions. He has owned an operated three dance schools in New Orleans, LA, Tokyo, Japan and San Antonio, TX. Troy is also a singer/songwriter/ musician and painter. He believes the Arts will play a big part in reaching this generation. ​
His primary fields of expertise in business are Brand Consultation and Marketing Strategy, Graphic/Web Design, Film production (TV, Film, Conference and Seminar), Live Audio Visual, and Printing. At present, Troy, and his team, support many local and international non-profits and ministries with these services. He has the distinction of being listed in Madison’s Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals, a national registry. Troy has been awarded appreciation from the former mayor of San Antonio for his work and dedication to our returning veterans. He is the founder of Elyon Media Group LLC, EM Records and the San Antonio Kids Film Festival, aka, EMA Film Fest. 

At present, he is involved in software development, creation of new audio field equipment and in production of a Christian Documentary film based in northern Louisiana entitled GAMECHANGER: The Kenneth Harvey Story. He is designing a youth camp curriculum that can be used as a Rights Of Passage process to spiritual growth and practical evangelism. He is also working with local artists and ministries in San Antonio with regards to establishing a heart of worship, technically and musically in a project called EM Records. 

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