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Thank you so much for being a part of the music with me. The following subscriptions will help us to grow the studio, the music and provide an avenue to other up and coming artists within the EM Records Community.

Our production goals, with your support can help us accomplish these amazingly creative works: 

The full production of Abandoned Heart Collection

This collection is my Song of Songs. These songs were heart birthed during the times hen life seemed to be so dark I could not the sun. In those moments of running in abandoned trust to Him, He would part the clouds and let the wind of His Spirit blow the fog away and let the a ray of sunshine blaze through. He would remind me that even though I could not see the sun when the clouds are present, it was still shining and so were His promises to me. 

Development and production of Collections 02-09

  • Collection  02 You Come Walkin' (Soul Album) This album is a collection of songs that expresses my salvation experience.  My prayer is that you will relate and feel the fire of your first love again with these exciting sounds from blues, old jazz, and soul influences.

  • Collection  03 Songs of Ascent (World sound with Celtic and Middle Eastern influences) When the people would make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem they would wash at the pool before making the climb up the to the temple. There were songs they would sing from the Psalms (Tellihim) as they made the ascent to the temple. This work is an interpretation of these Songs of Ascent. 

  • Collection  04 I Want To Be One (Contemporary Feel) This collection of songs from the word and a heart cry to the Lord that I desire and that am wholly, holy His.

  • Collection  05 - 09 Pasion Celestial (4 Instrumental Collections with Flamenco, Jazz, Latin, World and Fusion influences) I have travelled the world and heard some amazing sounds of worship. This work is a compilation of those sounds in a celebratory praise!

Plus, a lot off new music being developed along the way. The river is flowing and we are flowing with it! Thank you for being a part of the vision with us. Please know that I am grateful for whatever Tier you decide to choose. 

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